Back to the Future ‘The Delorean’ T-Shirt

      I think as t-shirts go this is a good shirt. Very well made. As the design goes, well its ok………..wait up who am I trying to kid? When I opened this tee I flipped (in a good way), as Back to the Future is one of my favoute films and by that [...]

Ctrl C And Ctrl V Equals Homework Done T-shirt

  I must say this tee from Chargrilled had me laughing, as I take it many students do just this. We all know what Google and Wikipedia are, but who knows what Ctrl C and Ctrl V do? Anybody?? I’m sure geeks know. If you do know does that make you a geek? Now that’s [...]

8Ball T-shirt

    Love the design, love 8ball. Nice fit and perfect to wear under a unbuttoned shirt. This tee would be perfect if you or someone you know plays a lotta pool. This tee reminds me I have to buy a new 8ball, I can’t make a decision without one.